Ahad, 11 Oktober 2009

20m PSK31 contact

Its very long time not using this mode. Got 2 stations and both with very strong signal. Actually the notebook that I installed with Digipan got problem and I manage to fix it yesterday because only this notebook have DB9 connector and use it for update my TS480 firmware. Unfortunately, the firmware updating not successful..:-(. Then I just hook up my PSK interface and start contacting other station.

11-Oct-2009 12:55:13 14070.000 BPSK YB9AQH 599 599 Hans Bali Island
11-Oct-2009 13:17:44 14070.000 BPSK YB1AQD 599 599 RICHARD BANDUNG

I manage to record my QSO with YB1ADQ. The signal very clean and strong. Tnx Richard for the nice QSO.

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