Isnin, 8 Jun 2009

TinyTrack3+ Board Final

Dah siap punya...sesiapa yang nak layout dalam bentuk pdf jgn segan-silu email kat saya. Pastikan anda menggunakan PCB double side. Risiko atas tangungan sendiri...heheh

TinyTrak3Plus is a APRSTM GPS position encoder which, when connected to a serial GPS and a radio, will transmit its location at an adjustable rate. TinyTrak3Plus is the forth generation in TinyTrak series, and is available as a kit construction project, or as a built and tested unit, providing an inexpensive way to build a mobile tracker without the need for a full TNC. It is configured by connecting to a computer's serial port, and running a simple configuration tool which allows setting of all user options. After that, the computer can be disconnected, and a GPS connected in its place for operation.

TinyTrak3Plus has the following features:
  • Decodes any NMEA-0183 compatible serial GPS sending $GPRMC or $GPGGA sentences. USB only GPSs will not work.
  • Can provide 5V power to an external GPS (such as the Byonics GPS1 or GPS2).
  • Transmits position, altitude, speed, heading, and timestamp (hour/minute/seconds or day/hour/minute).
  • Supports SmartBeaconing, which adjusts transmission rates to speed and turning.
  • Can transmit position in MIC-E, NMEA, or APRS ASCII text format.
  • Two configurations, with all user options switchable.
  • Burst after voice / Send Position Now input.
  • Handles position resolution down to 7 inches.

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