Isnin, 31 Ogos 2009

ICOM IC-9100

The Icom IC-9100 is a versatile and expandable transceiver. It offers professional performance, out of the box on HF, 6 meters and 2 meters with 100 watts. The 440 MHz band is also built-in with 75 watts. The UX-9100 band unit can also be added at any time to 1200 MHz band operation. This device requires 13.8 VDC at __ amps.

More technical information and additional photos will be added shortly. Icom America has not yet announced price or availability on this model.

This device has not been approved by the F.C.C. This device may not be offered for sale or lease or be sold or leased until approval of the F.C.C. has been obtained. The information shown is very preliminary and may be subject to change without notice or obligation.


  • Digital Noise Reduction
  • Manual and Automatic Notch
  • Digital Twin PBT
  • Dual Display
  • 100 Watt Output (75 W on 440)
  • Monitor
  • LCD Display
  • Keypad entry
  • 10 Hz Readout
  • Memory Keyer
  • RF Attenuator
  • Optional D-Star
  • Optional 1200 MHz Operation

Ahad, 30 Ogos 2009

40m QSO 9M2GET, 9M6BOB dan YC9BEC

Dah lama nak bubuh video ni. Baru ada kesempatan. Pada semua rakan-rakan, Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan ke 52 dan saksikan video QSO 9m2get, 9m6bob dan yc9bec ini. Kepada yc9bec, masih belum berkesempatan untuk membalas QSL card dari anda..hehe

Ahad, 23 Ogos 2009

Selamat berpuasa

Lama tak update blog ni. Bukan apa, skrg ni tengah sibuk untuk menyiapkan kerja-kerja di saltmine. Nak on radio pun dah tak sempat :-). Kepada rakan-rakan yang berjaya pada RAE lepas, tahniah diucapkan. Pada yang gagal, jgn putus asa...cuba lagi. Untuk yang BERANI!!!!...hantar borang untuk CW-E 2009-2 pada bulan Oktober ini.

Untuk pengunjung setia blog ini, khas untuk anda lagu istemewa bulan Ramadhan dari Wali Band.

Jumaat, 14 Ogos 2009

Add new favicon to blogspot.

A "favorite icon" or favicon (pronounced fav-eye-con) is a 16x16 pixels icon that appears next to a website's URL in the address bar of a web browser. If you are using a browser that supports tabbed browsing, the favicon will also appear next to the page's title in a tabbed document interface. If you look at the top of this page, at the left hand corner of the address bar, you will see a small graphic of a portion of a fake red-yellow-black "for Dummies" book cover (This has changed to a rare photo of myself laughing). That is the favicon for this blog. If you are using FireFox or Opera, you will also see that icon in the tab. If yours is a personal blog, a good icon will be your personal photo.

Adding a favicon to your blog is a good way to distinguish your blog from the millions of other blogs. To add a favicon, you need to generate a .ico format file, a place to host the file and add 2 link elements in the section of your template. To generate the .ico file and to host it, you can go to MyFavatar. You need to have ready a roughly square graphic saved to your hard disk.

Sabtu, 8 Ogos 2009

ARRL handbook 2009

For the radio amateur…
For the technician and engineer…
For the newcomer…

This 86th edition of The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications stays ahead of the pack taking its place as the most comprehensive source of applied electronics and communications know-how. First published in 1926, The Handbook has served generations of radio amateurs, professionals and students. This authoritative book features the most current material on the state-of-the-art:
  • Principles of electronics—including basic theory, components, analog and digital circuit construction.
  • Radio communication fundamentals and design— including modes and systems, filters, EMI, digital signal processing and software radio design, and RF power amplifiers.
  • Real-world applications and operating— including practical projects, station setup, antennas, transmission lines, and methods for testing and troubleshooting.
  • References—filled with hundreds of detailed tables, illustrations and photos. You will turn to The Handbook again and again!

CD-ROM Included! The CD-ROM at the back of the book includes all of the fully searchable text and illustrations in the printed book, as well as companion software, PC board templates and other support files. Brand-new material:
  • Updated amateur satellite content, including details for today’s fleet of operational satellites.
  • Updated versions of accessory software on the CD-ROM.
New Projects:
# RockMite QRP CW transceiver. Now expanded to cover 80, 40, 30 or 20 meters.
# Audio Interface for Field Day or Contesting. Audio and mic connections for two operators sharing a radio.
# Remote Power Controller. Turn high current devices off and on.
# Audible Antenna Bridge. Tune for the lowest SWR by ear.
…and MORE!

You wan a copy aaaa? please contact me :-)