Sabtu, 23 Mei 2009

Hands on D5000

My first try using D5000. Ini ialah my eldest harmonic named Ihtishaam. 4 years old boy. D5000 with 18-55mm VR + SB600. Quite impressive with this little DSLR.

Nampaknya zaman kegilaan DSLR melanda lagi. The kits lens just OK but not suitable for candid portrait shoot due to lack of bokeh. But PS CS3 will do the job by adding some blur to the background. The lens quit sharp but I really hate the variable aperture lens. My favorite lens is Tamron 24-75mm F2.8. Picture dibawah diambil dengan canon 350d + Tamron 28-75mm + 580ex. Canon color saturation is marvelous. The main disadvantange of D5000 is its cannot support other than AF-S lens. So cannot use Nikkor 50mm F1.8 prime otherwise use Nikkor AFS 50mm F1.4 which is 5 times more expensive than F1.8 version. :-)

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