Sabtu, 9 Mei 2009

Cheap alternative for GLCD

Where to get an inexpensive GLCD? Standard 16X2 character LCD sell at Rm25 per pieces but we can get less price than that for GLCD. The answer is using nokia 3310 LCD module. Just now somebody quote me RM14 per piece including the chassis and speaker. The resolution is 84X48 pixel and its more than enough for small project that require simple graphic. I also found a lot of information on the net regarding this lcd. It time to break my 'tabung ayam' again to buy a piece. Check out this link that the 16F876A LC meter using this LCD and also a pic12f675 digital themometer.

Watch the LCD in action:
  1. Digital LC meter
  2. Audio Visualization with Nokia 3310 LCD and FFT
  3. PIC 16f876A + LM72 + DS1307 + Nokia 3310
LCD Driver datasheet (NXP)

Interfacing LCD with mcu. The pinout.

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