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To: on 1/22/2023 8:37:05 p.m.

Dated: 1/22/2023 8:37:05 p.m.

Compliment of the Season. Did you receive my message dated 12/01/2023? Are you still operating on this email Id? I am asking based on my previous message which is yet to be communicated back accordingly.

Thank you for finding time to this message, without taking much of your time, I am in need of your service in Malaysia or any other peaceful and reliable Country? I am contacting you with regards to your professional knowledge and experience. I have gone through your profile acticities and decided to share this project with you if there is possibility of you handling it as I can see after my several research looking for best and safe country to push this project.

This is my second time contacting you, since I have not heard from you given the importance of my previous message as I made it clear, I decided to reconfirm to know if you did receive my previous email message. Considering that things are gradually coming back to normal after the terrible Pandemic which paralyzed the world activities, I decided to reach you once again, hoping that you will return my message at this time.

I have an interest in investing and moving this capital projects which consist of huge fund and the below stated gold bars as well. I will like to share some vital project which we want to invest upon your response.

Secondly, I want to ascertain if you have any knowledge of Gold product or if you have any potential company or individual that have the resources for the purchase of my gold product which price is negotiable and affordable with reasonable discount and commission.

Commodity Description And Specifications
Commodity: AU Gold Bar
Quantity: 5000kg available.
Quality: 24 Carats Gold
Purity: 94.60% Minimum
Price: 20% Discount Off LBMA Price
Trial Shipment:  Any preferred quantity by the potential buyer.

Assay Report : First assay to be made at a Refinery where the Gold Products is located and final assay at buyer 's final destination

Procedure : Seller will issue F.C.O to Buyer and invite buyer/ buyer's representative to the location where the products are located to inspect and confirm an initial assay of the said goods.
Can I share further discussion about my available fund for projects and as well my AU Gold Metal? Conclusively, the information of the gold are as follows above and more details about my total available fund meant for investment in your locations will be detailed for proper understanding.

It will be interesting to know that both the total amount being discuses is completely out of Italy I suggest that both of us {You and I} should have a face to face meeting for verification and confirmations of the fund and gold product as soon as possible to confirm my truthfulness and transparency but this can only take place after the confirmation of your ability to handle such a huge project which available Amount is billions of dollars.(Total Amount to be invested with you will be shared in my next response).

Wish you all the best for your endeavor.

Please, get back to me as soon as you receive this message, so that we can discuss elaboratively the mutual capital project that I intend to share with you in Malaysia or any other reliable Country.

Ibrahim Guido Stella Roberto
Contact Address: Aldo De Luca Via Vardano 20042, Lombardy, Italy
Contact on WhatsApp, Telegram No:0039 351 2394926
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