Ahad, 25 April 2021



I write to bring to your notice our investment interests and opportunities. We are foreign financial investors seeking for potential business partners with good profitable business ideas abroad. We specialize in growth capital investments both in start up projects and existing businesses needing funding or Loan for expansion. We seek to invest in a broad range of areas of businesses around the world.

We will finance any good, legitimate and viable business anywhere on earth, if its fundamentals are good. Flexible options are available, ranging from profits sharing joint venture, or equity participation, or as Direct Foreign Investments or pure projects financing.

We finance without asking for collateral. And the tenor can be varied, from short to long terms, depending on each business/project's' peculiar needs and circumstances. We will like to partner with you/your company if you are interested in our services and if our Investment proposal above meets your investments' funding needs as we are committed to helping businesses develop and succeed.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Stephen Smith

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