Isnin, 9 November 2009

Nokia 1280

takde apa nak citer..cuma nak bagi tau nokia nak keluarkan lagi henset murah. Baru je beli 1202 untuk main sms facebook dah nak kuar model ni pulak. Kelebihannya ada FM radio dgn 3.5mm jack then ada life tools. Lelain cam torchlight masih dikekalkan. Harap2 bila sampai sini, harganya murah macam 1202 tu.

Nokia seems to be very focused towards developing new low-end products, its traditional strong hold in most of the emerging markets of the world.

The company has been, in the past, known to launch several new handsets targeted at the low-end spectrum, most of which are lapped up with immense interest in emerging markets across the globe.

Continuing the same trend, Nokia has announced five new low-end handsets that are slated to go on sale very soon in these markets. The new devices announced include the Nokia 1280, 1616, 1800, 2220 slide and the Nokia 2690.

Nokia 1280

With the 1280, Nokia seems to have broken the price barrier with it being the cheapest handset ever from the company. Expected to cost around $30, the phone runs on S30 UI, and has a 96 x 68 pixels monochrome display, GSM-only connectivity, flashlight, alarm, calendar, MP3 ringtones, FM radio. The phone comes equipped with a 3.5mm headset jack as well!

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